Skype 6.22 is horrible!

if like me you got a skype update forced upon you (i’m sure i had told it not to update but anyway)

you ended up with something like this.


My version was worse than that picture. It had an incredibly pale blue and even paler blue bubbles for the conversations.

That combined with all the white really put me off using it as it hurt my eyes.

Solutions! Download the 6.21 skype client and hope they don’t force a new update on you or…. along with uses the Skype api so you can use the messenger part without having to deal with their horrible ui!

Yuan PD300 aka DVB2GO vista 64bit BDA drivers!

yuan dvb2go aka pd300

I’ve had this little card for ages but since I’ve been using vista 64bit i’ve been unable to use my Yuan pd300 (dvb2go)  stick…

The Yuan site is terrible and has no links to any sort of drivers…. and from what i remembered they even required a cdkey to use their drivers/software!!!

But i read that the Freecom DVB-T and Yakumo DVB-T usb sticks were very similar and that other people had been using the drivers for the other product in XP.

So searching for Yakumo drivers gave me no luck at all but Freecom do provide Vista 64bit drivers for their DVB-T!

You can get them here.   But they will not work out of the box for your Yean PD300 you will need to edit the BDA_Loader_220A_x64.inf file.

under [WT220Uer.NTamd64]

add in

%WT220Uer.DeviceDesc%=LOADER.Device, USB\VID_14AA&PID_0220

then plug in your Yuan pd300


Control panel > Device Manager

select the unrecognised usb device (your TV card)

install drivers and point them to the directory containing your BDA_Loader_220A_x64.inf file (you don’t need the 225 drivers)

and there you go! drivers for your DVB2Go stick!

Alternatively you can download the drivers here! (rar file)