SPL reconstruction

I think the 10 team league could work…. but only if they did something radical!

How about adopting The South American style system?

An “opening tournament” where each of the 10 play each other twice, a champion is declared.
Relegation wise, they could have 1 or 2 down 1 or 2 up (or playoffs whatever = extra tv money etc).

Then comes the “closing tournament” every team plays each other twice again and another champion is declared. If the same team wins twice then they are the “overall winners” but if you have 2 different teams then you get a huge money spinning “champions playoff” a game to decide who gets the champions league place. The the other european spots can be decided with the much the much touted playoffs based on league positions over the 2 seasons.

This would give the other teams more of a chance of winning the league as you don’t have to play the old firm 4 times a season, other problems that usually affect challengers (injuries, suspensions and squad size) don’t cause as many problems as each season only lasts half a year.

It would alleviate the huge economic hit of being relegated as you now have the possibility of being promoted twice a year.

It would also introduce the huge money spinner playoffs everyone wants.

TV still get their 4 old firm games a year and the fans get more of a chance of winning the league!

The idea of B teams should be scrapped.
It would be horrible to be stuck in a league with Ranger/Celtic reserves… i can’t imagine many Raith Rovers/Dunfermline/Falkirk/etc fans wanting to go watch their team vs reserves!
Placing them in regional leagues is pointless too… what benefit would they get out of playing milkmen and posties week in week out?
They need to reintroduce the reserve leagues and encourage the big teams to link up with smaller teams for year long loans for the young players who are 5th/6th choice at their current clubs!