Flash Games

I have made a plugin for wordpress to display up to 200 flash games within your wordpress blog.

It is a relatively simple plugin that pulls data from my arcade website Lingolux flash games.

At the backend Lingolux uses a simple wordpress WP_Query loop to pull data from the site as specified by the plugin.
This allows the user to select the number of games and whether to display new games, top games, or both.

Although most blogs will cache the page themselves i did not want my plugin to overwhelm my website so i implemented a simple caching system in php.
I found the information here

ob_start(); // start the output buffer
I placed the wp query here

This provided some simple caching of the backend.

The plugin also uses a simple lightbox to display the flash.
You can see the plugin in operation here and you can download it from the wordpress site here
Flash Games Page